Social Responsibility

Mei TA Europe Ltd. is a company that achieves good-quality behavior, good quality products, environmental protection and cooperation with the community.

Safety and health of employeessustianability

The goal of our company is to continuously improve the protection of worker health and safety at work.
Special attention is paid to timely education and training of workers to work in a safe manner, as well as timely identification of risks and harmful agents in order to minimize the risks that exist in production.
Continuously raising the level of safety and regular monitoring of the health of its employees, especially those who work at a business level with special working conditions.

Environmental Protection

Protects the environment by preventing pollution and continuously improving the work process.

The monitoring program includes the identification, control and monitoring of key parameters and activities that may have an impact on the environment.
The results are analyzed based on the definition of priorities related to problem solving.

Dangerous substances
The management of hazardous materials in the property is to ensure the safety of the workplace and the environment, while respecting all legal acts.

Prevention of waste generation and good waste management is the best way to protect the environment. The next important step in waste management is its classification and categorization.

Different types of waste material are separately separated, marked and disposed of in a specially designated and marked place until handing over to an authorized operator.
We want our positive attitude towards the environment to be accepted by our suppliers, customers and the local community.

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