MEI TA Europe Ltd. is a company that is producing automotive parts, engine parts and general industrial parts. Our company aspires to be the world leader on the turbochargers market, providing the high quality components such as components for turbine housings and central housings. All of the castings and machine processing are done in our factory.
MEI TA Europe Ltd. possesses high technical expertise for central housings and turbine housings manufacturing.
MEI TA Europe Ltd. has a strong and sustainable relationship with present and future customers, supported by a team of experts.

MEI TA Europe - Obrenovac


  mapaobrenovac   Obrenovac Municipality

The zone is located within the City of Belgrade (Municipality of Obrenovac) which has around 1.7 million inhabitants, while 71,000 people live in the Municipality of Obrenovac.

Facilities access

Belgrade airport – 26 km.
Rail access - Closest railway access is in Belgrade 25km away.
Highway access - Belgrade ring road is 15 km away.
Electricity supply - High voltage connection points are in the vicinity: 37MW, 41MW

Mei Ta Europe

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Mei Ta Europe

Zeleznicka 44v
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